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4 Tips to Write a Perfectly SEO Optimized Article

4 Tips to Write a Perfectly SEO Optimized Article

To make a website more visible and appear easily on search engines, you must have SEO optimizes articles in your website or blog. This will help you attract more readers and chances of your post appearing in the first page would be more likely too. Here are 4 Tips to Write a Perfectly SEO Optimized Article.

Post and Meta Titles

The title of the post needs to be catchy enough to engage the readers. This is the title that your readers would see when they find your post in the search. So make it attractive and above all, make sure it is relevant to your entire post. The packaging of the box should do the justice to the content inside it. The meta title is what the search engine reads and displays and is as important as the post title. These titles are something that which you can add or edit from your post’s SEO settings.

Meta Description

Most readers prefer getting to know the post little more than what the titles say. And that is where the meta description comes into picture. It is a short sentence giving the readers the glimpse of what the post is all about. So it is best that you mention the key highlight of the post in this sentence. There is a character limit of 156 here and you need to use the most relevant sentence to describe the post here. Your job is to make it as attractive as it is possible but make sure to use simple words that are easy to read and understand.

Image ALT Attribute

Most people do not bother changing the image name and leave as is. This is very wrong as you are missing out on making it relevant for the system. Rename the image to something more relevant to the post and do not forget to add alt text such as name-dashboard. This makes your post easily searchable using the google image search feature. So make your post image search friendly by adding an appropriate keyword in the attribute.

Removing Stop Words

The permalinks take your whole title as the link extension, making it longer with several stop words. It is best to remove them and retain only the part of the title that is important and relevant for the post. One important thing to remember here is, never change the permalink once you have published the post. This might cause an issue with readers to find your post in case they have bookmarked it.